Quick introduction to Hireflix

👋 Welcome to Hireflix!

Hireflix is a platform of automated video-interviews that will allow you to make better decisions while you shorten time-to-hire. What are you waiting for?

Watch this short video to grasp what is Hireflix and discover how it will enhance your recruiting process.

Want to learn everything you can do with our platform? Read this demo and become a Hireflix expert in less than 2 minutes!

What you'll learn:

  1. How to set up your Account
  2. The different available options when creating a Job Position
  3. All possible ways to Invite Candidates
  4. How to Review and Share the Candidates' Interviews

Step 1: Set Up your Account ⚙️

Before you are ready to begin using Hireflix, there are a few features you can still adjust.

You will only be able to modify the following features if your subscription plan is either Growing or Enterprise. Check out our Plans & Pricing .

The Hireflix Workspace Administrator is the person who has created the Workspace. Hence, it is the one with exclusive control over:

Integrate with your ATS

One of the best ways to get the most out of Hireflix is integrating it with your ATS.

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Connect with Slack or other apps

Automate and streamline your job by connecting your Hireflix account with other apps.

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Team management

Invite and manage team members.

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Step 2: Create a Job Position 👩‍💻

The process of creating a Job Position is split in four:

  1. Add a job - create a new Job position.
  2. Create the video interview - record or upload videos of the questions you want to ask the candidates.
  3. Tailor your interview - change the interview's settings to adjust it to what you want.
  4. Set up invites and reminders - choose the messages that candidates will receive.

Step 3: Add and Invite Candidates ✉️

After you have your interview set, add and invite your candidates! They will receive a personal link that grants them access to your interview. You can add candidates one by one or with bulk import. After you add your candidates, send them their invitations!

Step 4: Review and Share the Interviews 👨‍⚖️

Once a candidate has finished the interview it's your turn!

🏅 You're officially a Hireflix expert!

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