Sending invitations to Candidates

When introducing the candidate information, the invitation can be sent in two different ways: automatically or manually.
  1. Automatically
    If you have set up an invitation in the Messages Box, Hireflix will automatically send an invitation for the candidate via email. The application will use the template you have selected in order to send the invitation link to the candidate, along with the extra information you have included.

    Learn how to set up an invitation.

  2. Manually

    If the Messages Box is empty, the application will not send any automatic invite to the candidate when they are invited.

    But don’t worry, you will still be able to invite candidates manually. Every time a candidate is added to an interview, the system generates a personal link you can send directly to the candidate, giving her access to the interview.

    Copy the link and send it to the candidate through the channel you prefer (your own email, LinkedIn...).

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