Set up invites and reminders

The last step of the process of creating a Job Position is to set up all the messages that its candidates will receive. These messages can be either emails or SMSs, and are sent automatically by Hireflix. You just have to pick the messages that will be sent.

⚠️ Notice Hireflix won't send any messages by default. This means that, if you don't pick any message within Hireflix, you must send the invitation manually (via email or LinkedIn, for example).

Here follows how:

  1. Choose the type of message to be sent: Email or SMS
  2. Choose one of the templates available by default or pick one you have previously customized
  3. In case you haven’t prepared any template yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late! Click Edit Templates. There, add all the templates you need for the job position.
  4. Here's some advice about templates.

  5. Choose the timing of the message: to be sent immediately, 24 hours later, etc.
  6. Add up to 4 messages more: there is a maximum of 5 touch-points per candidate

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