💡Tips: Ensuring higher candidates conversion rate

These tips will make candidates be in a more positive mood and face lower uncertainty when facing the one-way video interview.

Before anything, this is the list of information that should be transmitted to candidates beforehand:

  • Number of questions the interview is composed of,
  • How long it will take him or her to answer all the questions, and
  • Period of time (days/hours) within they must complete the interview.

This information is to be included in points number 1, 2 and/or 3 (below).

Here follow the tips, ordered from higher to lower impact:

Impact may vary depending on the nature of the job position.

1. Quick warm-up call

Make a 1-minute call with candidates before they receive the invitation email from Hireflix, informing them about the points mentioned above.

2. Send your own email

Send your own email before you send the invitation email from Hireflix. The content of this email should be similar to the warm-up call.

Here you can find some ideas and templates for this.

3. Personalize the Hireflix email template

Modify the templates you get as you create your account. Write in a way that prepares and motivates the candidate for what he or she will face before and during the interview.

Learn how to create and customize templates

4. Spam warning

Send an SMS warning of the possibility to receive the invite email in Spam. Emails sent to Hotmail and Outlook accounts currently tend to end up in Spam.

5. Use reminders

Combine Emails and SMS messages to invite and remind candidates to do the interview. For example, set an SMS reminder 24h after the invitation has been sent.

Learn how to set up reminders.

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