Sharing an Interview

Sharing an interview is useful to know others' opinion on the candidate, without having to invite them to join your workspace.

For example, say it is an interview for a Job Position with a very specific set of skills needed. Now you can send the interview to the person who is really able to evaluate the candidate's knowledge. Gone are the days of panel interviews and endless processes with infinite stages.

These are the steps you need to follow:
  1. Go to Jobs > Open the Job in question
  2. Open the interview you want to share
  3. Hit Share Interview
  4. Generate and copy the link
  5. Send

The link you generate will expire 75 days after. In case you need to share the interview after these 75 days have passed, delete the link and create a new one following the same steps as before.

⚠️ Notice that this link is not for public sharing, meaning it should only be shared within your organization.

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