Examples of emails to be sent to Candidates

Sending an email that candidates will identify as sent by your company before they face the video-interview will help them face it in a more positive mood and with lower uncertainty. In consequence, this will increase Candidate Conversion Rate.

This email is not a substitute, but a complement to the invitation sent by Hireflix. If you want it to be a substitute, don't forget to add the link to access the interview, which remember that is specific to each candidate!

Apart from this email, we have some other tips that will also help you maximize Candidate Conversion Rate.

Template 1

This template may seem quite long, but it contains all the information the candidate will need.

Hi {candidate_name},

my name is {recruiter_first_name} {recruiter_last_name}, {recruiter_position} at {company_name}.

Firstly, thanks a lot for your interest. I am writing because I have seen you have applied for the open position that we have published in {careers_site} for {job_position}.

I think your profile is interesting and I'd love to know you better. Currently we are using Hireflix for the first contact, a video-interview that allows us to streamline the hiring process, and save time in scheduling and transport. It is also better for you, candidates, as this allows you to do the interview at the time of the day that suits you best. You will receive an invite to access the interview shortly.

You can do the interview with your laptop or with your smartphone.

· If you use your laptop, we recommend using Chrome
· If you use your Android smartphone, you can either use Chrome or the Hireflix App.
· If you use your iPhone, you will have to download the Hireflix App.

If you are still interested in the Job Position, it would be a pleasure meeting you via Hireflix.

Thank you very much in advance. If you have any questions do not hesitate contacting me!

{recruiter_first_name} {recruiter_last_name},


Template 2

This template is shorter and more to the point. If you use it, make sure the template you use for the invitation email sent by Hireflix contains enough information about the interview (e.g. devices that can be used).

Hi {candidate_name},

My name is {recruiter_first_name} {recruiter_last_name}, {recruiter_position} at {company_name}. Thank you for applying for {job_position}.

We are currently using Hireflix for the first recruiting stages. It is a one-way video-interview software that will allow you to do the interview whenever suits you best, within the following {interview_expiring_period} hours/days.

Hireflix will soon send you the information about how to do the interview, in which you will also find the link to access the interview.

Thank you very much in advance. If you have any questions, please contact me!

{recruiter_first_name} {recruiter_last_name},

{recruiter_position} at {company_name}


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