Integrating with RecruiterFlow : Setup and guide

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The Hireflix integration with Recruiterflow will allow you to trigger one-way video interviews automatically in your Recruiterflow jobs and you will be able to also review your interview responses from Recruiterflow itself. The video above explains all the required setup. It is super quick and easy.

Enabling the Recruiterflow and Hireflix integration (follow the video above)

To enable the Integration please follow the video above 😊🙏.

  1. Reach out to Recruiterflow on the support chat and ask for your API key
  2. Log in to your Hireflix account and navigate to Account > Integrations > Recruiterflow and activate the toggle button and paste the API key there. Once done you will be given a Webhook URL that you will need for step 3c below.
  1. Go to Recruiterflow > Recipes and click "+ New Recipe" to create a new one.
    1. The name of the recipe can be anything but we suggest to put "Trigger Hireflix interviews"
    2. Click on The Trigger section "+ Add Trigger" and add a "A Candidate's Stage Change in a job" - Applicable to All jobs. Leave the "From stage" blank. For the "To Stage" field, put whichever stage you want to use as the trigger stage (We suggest creating a specific stage for that such as "Hireflix interview")
    3. On the Action section pick "Send to Webhook" and copy here the Webhook URL you were given on step 2. Then Save.
  2. Go back to Hireflix where you were seeing the integration steps and click "I have watched the video". Click "Finish" and you will be all set. 😊

Triggering invites from Recruiterflow

Once the Recruiterflow/Hireflix integration is enabled, you will then be able to invite candidates to the one-way video interview from within Recruiterflow. To do that, remember that you have to create the interview in Hireflix first.

  1. Connect your job in Recruiterflow with your interview in Hireflix. Go to Integrations > Recruiterflow and click on the configuration cog. It will open a table where you can make the matching between a Recruiterflow job, and a hireflix interview.
Important: If you forget to connect the Job to the interview using the table above, the integration won't work and the invites won't launch.
  1. Move candidates to your trigger stage and they will be automatically invited 😊🙏. Once the invite launches (takes 6-7 minutes to launch) you will see once you refresh, a tag "Hireflix Interview Sent" next to the candidate as below. Once the candidate replies, you will then see a "Hireflix Interview Done" tag appear as well.

You can only invite a candidate to an interview once. However you can invite a candidate to two different interviews if you wanted to

Reviewing responses once a candidate answers

Once a candidate finishes the interview, a link will automatically be copied to the candidate profile as below and a tag "Hireflix Interview Done" will be automatically assigned to your candidate in Recruiterflow. You will be able to click the link and watch the interview straight away, without the need to login into Hireflix. That link expires in 75 days.

Advanced Settings

If you go to Hireflix > Integrations > Recruiterflow and you click on the configuration cog and then "Advanced settings" you can there:

  • Force apply a phone number country code to all phone numbers that come into Hireflix so that you can utilize the SMS/Whatsapp feature even if your phone numbers in Recruiterflow don't have the country code
  • Activate or deactivate the tag feature
  • Choose a progression stage so that once the interview is finished, the candidate moves to another stage automatically

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