Zapier example: Invite candidates using an online form

A very useful 'Zap' you can create is to automatically invite candidates from the job posts in your careers site, Linkedin or any other platform. Simply paste a link of an online survey in the job description. After they have answered this online survey, trigger an automatic invite to the Hireflix interview.

To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Create a Job Position at Hireflix

    Learn here how to create a Job Position.

    2. Create a survey with your favorite forms platform

    This survey's reason to be is simply to get the candidates’ information. This step is essential to invite them to do the interview you decide to synchronize the form with.

    These are the fields your survey needs to include:
    • Name - Mandatory
    • Email - Mandatory
    • Phone Number - Highly recommended.

      Phone is only necessary in case SMS messages want to be sent. These messages will help you achieve a higher candidate conversion rate and avoid the possibility of candidates not seeing the invite.

    ⚠️IMPORTANT: when introducing the phone number, don't forget to write the prefix! The number needs to be introduced with the format +X XXXXXXXXX (i.e. USA > +1 XXX XXX XXXX / Spain > +34 XXX XXX XXX)

    3. Make the Zap

    1. Choose the survey you have previously created
    2. Add step > Choose App: Hireflix
    3. Choose the Job Position you must have previously created
    4. Give the Zap a name

    🎉 And you're all set!

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