SSO - Configuration with One Login (Custom Connector)

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OneLogin does support SAML2, and since Hireflix doesn't have a predefined integration, you need to use the Custom Connector approach.

We created this article to make the official one login instructions a bit more clear.

STEP 1 :

From Hireflix Account settings- Enable SSO

Open the 'Service Provide Metadata Endpoint' file


  • In OneLogin, add the 'SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)' application.
  • Navigate to the Configuration settings for the new App and change the following fields
    • RelayState:
    • Audience (EntityID): Search the 'Service Provider Metadata Endpoint' XML file for the EntityID string... eg: (hireflix-1a2b3cbf-12f0-2a7b-1332-f1c7617226ef)
    • Recipient: (leave unset)
    • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: ^https:\/\/admin\.hireflix\.com\/sso\/saml2\/callback\/hireflix-.*$
    • ACS (Consumer) URL: Search the 'Service Provider Metadata Endpoint' XML file for the <AssertionConsumerService> entry, and use the contents of the 'Location' attribute, eg:
  • All other fields remained untouched


In OneLogin App Configuration page, Select 'More Actions' and download SAML Metadata. Upload this file to Hireflix in the SSO configuration page under 'Identity Provider Metadata XML'

You should be all set.

If you have any questions please do reach out to and we will be here to help.

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