Editing a Job

Jobs are divided in three main parts: the Video & Questions part, the Tailoring Features and the Messages Box.

  • Videos & Questions: The video-interview (questions and its videos) can be modified as long as there are no candidates pending to record their answers (they will feature in the Pending Stage).

    In case you have some candidates pending, to modify questions or videos you have 2 possible alternatives:

    • Delete all pending candidates invited and then make all the changes you need. After saving those changes you can reinvite again pending candidates in case you want to do so.
    • Duplicate the interview (using the "Clone this job" button), edit the interview of the copy as much as you want and then add the new candidates. It will appear under the name 'Copy of...'
  • Tailoring Features & Messages Box: Even though some candidates have already done the interview, you can still modify its Tailoring features or the messages the candidates will receive when invited and after several hours.

Important: Changes in Tailoring and Messages will only affect candidates who do the interview after the changes have been made. Anyone invited previously will neither see the new features nor receive any added message.

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