Integrating with Recruitee: Setup and guide

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The Hireflix integration with Recruitee will allow you to send one-way video interviews to your candidates in Recruitee. You can trigger the invites by clicking "Send Hireflix test" on the candidate profile on Recruitee. Soon (around July 2022) Recruitee will also start allowing bulk invites so that you can invite more than one candidate at once to your one-way video interviews.

Enabling the Recruitee and Hireflix integration

To enable the Integration takes 1 minute. It is all shown on the video above. Log in to your Hireflix account and navigate to Account > Integrations > Recruitee and activate the toggle button. Then, carefully follow the steps displayed.

  1. Copy the API token on the screen
  2. Go to Recruitee > Settings > Integrations > Hireflix > Integrate now then click Accept and integrate and paste the API token in the pop-up that will open and click on "Integrate", then click Save and you will be done.
  3. Go back to Hireflix where you were seeing the integration steps and click "I have clicked "Integrate". Click "Finish" and you will be all set. 😊

Triggering invites from Recruitee

Once the Recruitee/Hireflix integration is enabled, you will then be able to invite candidates to the one-way video interview from within Recruitee. To do that, remember that you have to create the interview in Hireflix first.

Inviting an individual candidate to an interview

This method will work as long as you have activated the integration following the steps above.

  1. Go to the "More" button in the top right of the Candidate profile in Recruitee, and click "Send Hireflix test"
  2. You will then be able to select which interview you want to send to the candidate. This dropdown shows all your OPEN positions from your Hireflix account.
  3. Click Send and you will see that the test has sent! Remember that in order for the test to send, you need to make sure your candidate notifications are properly configured in Hireflix.
You can only invite a candidate to an interview once. However you can invite a candidate to two different interviews with the same method above if you wanted to.

Reviewing responses once a candidate answers

Once a candidate finishes the interview, a link will automatically be copied to the candidate profile as below. You will be able to click "Open" and watch the interview straight away, without the need to login into Hireflix. That link expires in 75 days.

You will see an additional Admin link that never expires but that does require you to login into Hireflix to be able to check it.

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