Admin and Team Members' roles

The Hireflix Administrator is the person who has created the Hireflix Workspace for the company. This Administrator can invite other people to join their Team. These people will be the rest of Team Members.

There are some differences between what Team Members other than the Administrator are allowed to do within the platform.

Team Members can ✅ :

  • Manage all the interviews they have access to,
  • Have access to candidates' responses, and
  • Create new Job Positions.

⚠️ Team Members will only be able to access Jobs and all their features if they have been granted access to them. See how Job Sharing works here.

Team Members can't ❌ :

  • Manage Integrations,
  • Manage Apps, or
  • Invite other team members
  • Manage Plans and Upgrades
  • Have access to Usage and Billing Information

Notice that Administrators can indeed manage all these fields.

Team Management is only available for Growing and Enterprise subscription plans. Check out the different Subscription possibilities.

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